Monday, September 20, 2010

Why I blog?

Other than me just having a love for writing , (Well I guess in this case it would be typing lol) I find putting my thoughts down whether it’s on paper or punching a few keys for me is really therapeutic and sure does beat posting it on facebook for people to either like or not like or on twitter where I have to squeeze all of my thoughts into 140 characters, sometimes that’s just not possible especially for someone like me who tends to be very “opinionated” I guess you can say. I tried Youtubbing and that just doesn’t work as well for me like blogging does; however it’s a great way to exercise and get comfortable with public speaking, because for some weird reason when I turn my camera on I get really nervous like I’m standing in front of an packed stadium…. then I look up and no one’s there… it’s just me looking into this small whole and this very dim white light starring back lol. To sum it all up I just like putting my thoughts down and it’s a whole lot cheaper than going to a “shrink”

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