Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Insecurities?? Yea you got em to!!

Insecurities, whether we want to admit it or not we all have them right?

So, I started watching this series on the Dr. Phil show today about these 6 women from different walks of life who are there to get help from Dr. Phil on their individual issues, and there’s this one lady name Alana who use to be 320pounds and thru gastric bypass surgery has lost an significant amount of weight, she admits that she judges people all the time and she’s going through a divorce because of it, so I decided to go on Dr. Phil.com and read Alana’s story just to get a little more familiar with her, and what I discovered is she’s hurt, and she’s hurt because she was teased when she was overweight and since she’s lost the weight she tends to get back at other people (not the people who called her names) by being very assertive. She’s a very strong person because of her experiences.

I thought about her situation and I realize that a lot of us are like that including me. I think that just like Alana I have become a much stronger person because of the names I was called, or the insecurity I felt within myself when it comes to my appearance, not feeling like I measure up to others, not feeling like guys liked me, etc… and because of all the hurt I felt things don’t bother me as much as they use to; however at the same time it just masked my hurt it didn’t heal my hurt. I think it is so extremely important to get to know someone as an individual because we’ve all been through things that have shaped and molded our characters but the way we chose to deal with the hurt and pain we may feel or have felt can either make us a great person or a not so great person. We’ve had the opportunity (and still do every morning we wake up) to decide on how we’re going to let the circumstances we encounter shape us.

I’m definitely going to be watching this series. I sure I’ll be able to learn something that will help shape my character into the loving, sweet, and compassionate person that I want the world to see me as

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