Monday, July 12, 2010


I'm sure we've all heard the rumors of Christina Millian and The Dream separating, Welp! the rumors can be put to rest because the split is official. According to The Dream him and Christina have been separated since late 2009 but decided to keep it private to protect their new baby,but after pictures of The Dream and his "assistant" in the Caribbean together hit the net today he had no choice but to address and put the rumors to rest. It sucks when another black couple breaks up, but we wish them both individual success and good luck!

Friday, July 9, 2010

It's a Movement

Whether they spring from the mouths of loved ones, through the media or from within our hearts, stories inspire, motivate, inform and strengthen our relationships.
Pepsi We Inspire will tap into the powerful bonds between women by creating a platform built just for them. Singers, thespians, and authors, whoever uplifts and entertains, will be a part of this community as they too share their own intimate moments, like the songs, movies and recipes that make their own lives just a little more blissful.
The Pepsi We Inspire movement is geared for women to help, motivate and inspire other women. Kudos to Pepsi!
For more info on how you can become more activley involved in this community make sure to visit for all the latest and up to date information

Hit or Miss?

Now, Ya'll know I love my girl Monica, but can someone PLEASE tell me what was that she had on at this years BET Award Show? I'm sorry girl but it looked like you were a bat ready for take off. Maybe my girl was expanding her mind and decided to "STAND" (Kudos for daring to be diffrent)but for me this was not just a Fail, but it was an Epic FAIL!!. I'm going to have to say this was a Miss. What do you say? Comment below

Harlem comes to Target!!

When Target first launched their designer collaborations, they called it Go! International - and pegged it on places like London (Luella), Paris (Paul & Joe), and Iran (Behnaz Serafpour - kind of).

Now they've gone back to that idea with their new Harlem line, collaborating with Ruben and Isabel Toledo and Stephen Burrows on some exclusive summer outfits.

Being true to their neighborhood, the clothes hit Harlem's Target store first (on July 25), followed by Target's website and select stores (on August 1).

Not only that you guys, the prices are incridible starting at $3.99 to $34.99 now tell me that aint great! and it get's better. Not only is the prices affordable,but 5% on every purchase will go to a Harlem non-profit. Isn't that awesome?? So be on the look out( I know I will be) for Harlem to hit your nearst Target!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Solange has Nervous Break Down

Vibe magazine interviewed Solange Knowles and talked to her about what we can expect from her new album. Solange say's the album is definitley going to be a dance album.
She also admitted that she allowed herself to give up her sanity in order to find herself as well as create a great album. In the interview with Vibe, Solange also talks about the nervous break down she expierenced while creating.

Here's a little bit of what Solange had to say about her nervous breakdown.
To read more visit and Solange's personal blog at:

"There was definitely a little bit of a breakdown involved. I literally gave up my sanity for a while to do this record. To the point to where I started doing it in Santa Barbara and I had to relocate to L.A. because I was losing it. We literally were waking up in the morning and just making music all day and all night. We left the house maybe three times! It just started to wear on me in so many different ways. I started having these crazy panic attacks. I can say that I totally sacrificed so much mentally, emotionally and financially to get this record the way I wanted it to be. It’s more than an album to me. It’s a transitional time in my life. This is a dance record, but the lyrics can get pretty dark at times. It brought me closer to my family, my dude and my son. My mom, sister and brother all kept Julez for a week. Everybody canceled work when I was going through it".

The Real Black Barbie

She's baaaak! Yes! My girl Brandy a.k.a "Bran" is back to take her crown that she so rightfully deserves and I'm sooo excited (Can you tell I'm a superfan? hehehe) Make sure you check out Brandy's official website at: