Friday, July 9, 2010

Harlem comes to Target!!

When Target first launched their designer collaborations, they called it Go! International - and pegged it on places like London (Luella), Paris (Paul & Joe), and Iran (Behnaz Serafpour - kind of).

Now they've gone back to that idea with their new Harlem line, collaborating with Ruben and Isabel Toledo and Stephen Burrows on some exclusive summer outfits.

Being true to their neighborhood, the clothes hit Harlem's Target store first (on July 25), followed by Target's website and select stores (on August 1).

Not only that you guys, the prices are incridible starting at $3.99 to $34.99 now tell me that aint great! and it get's better. Not only is the prices affordable,but 5% on every purchase will go to a Harlem non-profit. Isn't that awesome?? So be on the look out( I know I will be) for Harlem to hit your nearst Target!

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