Friday, May 14, 2010

"The Pen"

OK Ladies, If you don't know let me be the first to introduce you to (in my opinion) one of the Hottest guys out right now. He goes by the name Sean Garrett aka "The PEN" Sean was affectionately named "The Pen" by one of his friends Jay-Z who he lookes up to and admires. Jay-Z named his "The Pen" because of his creative ability to write and produce great music. Sean Garrett has written and produced music for some of the top artist of our time such Beyonce, Mario, Usher,Nelly,Ciara,and Fergie just to name a few; however, although he loved writting and producing his passion was and is to be a artisit,so now he has decided to come from behind the mixing board and go into the booth and record his own music. Sean has a single out right now entitled "Get It All" feat Nicki Minaj that you can get on Itunes. Ladies not only is he great eye candy he's also very talented so be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for what's next from Grammy award winner Sean Garrett
;0) Smooches!

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