Friday, May 14, 2010

Montag Vs. Mom

We all know Heidi Montag from the MTV hit show "The Hills" and more recently from all the buzz about her recent plastic surgery,but the latest news on Heidi has been how she called the Cops(Yes! the Cops) on here own mother. What could her mom have done to make Heidi call the Cops? Well here's how Access Hollywood is reporting it. Montag called the police after her mom Darlene Egelhoff showed up at her home on Thursday May 13,2010. If you watch "The Hills" on MTV you already know that the new season has kicked off and on the first episode Heidi goes to see her mom. During that visit Egelhoff(Heidi's mom) tell her that she doesn't like the plastic surgery that Heidi has under gone, Wellllll, apparently Heidi is upset with her mother for telling her that on national t.v and doesn't want anything to do with her. Egelhoff claims that she went to visit Heidi and to rescue her from her newly wed husband Spencer Pratt when Heidi called the cops on her mom to have her escorted off of the property. Heidi claims her mom just came over to cause drama in her life and wants nothing to do with her. As a matter of fact Heidi is planning on getting a restraining order against her mother. Has the fame become to much for Heidi or is Spencer holding her hostage and as her brainwashed. What do you think?

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