Friday, May 7, 2010

All Natural

Going natural wasn't a really hard decision for me to make,but it was a decision that I thought about for quit sometime. I actually tried to go natural about 2 years ago and I got frustrated and went back to the "Creamy Crack" aka a "Relaxer" lol. This time around I did a lot of research via Youtube,,, and CurlyNiki on how to maintain my natural hair along with transitioning styles, as well as watching and reading other ladies videos for inspiration(and I gotta admit you guys have motivated me sooo much) as well as with the encouragment from my mom who also decided to go natural( Go Mom!) There are so many sterotypes when it comes to women who have made the decision to go natural,but one thing I know for fact since I've made my decision is it's a life changing experience. To be able to rock my natural hair and not be ashamed is a feeling that I can't describe. March 27,2010 almost two months ago marked the date that I decided to be happy with who I am to love my kinky coil,curly,nappy, or whatever you may call it hair no matter what anyone thinks it was hands down the best decision of my LIFE. I just want to encourage anyone who may be considering taking this journey to do it! Don't be afraid trust me you will LOVE it. I know I have and it's only been a month and half,but I am soooo looking forward to continuing this awesome awesome awesome journey,but above all else whether you natural,or relaxed, transitioning,or still contemplating Love you!!! Alright you guys, Feel free to comment below on your feelings about natural hair or if you have any questions hit me up.

Peace & Love

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