Friday, May 20, 2011

Broken Hearts can be Mended

Getting over a break up is never easy, trust me I know because I'm going through it right now, it's actually kind of hard to pick yourself up when all you can think about is the other person,but I believe that time heals all things. had a list of 10 ways to get over a breakup and here are my top 5 from that list

1.) Avoid the Friend Zone - when it’s over, it’s over! There is no such thing as being friends with your ex right away. In time, you can be friends but take the time you need to heal! No phone calls, no random late night sleepovers because “I miss you.” Stay strong and avoid contact for at least 90 days!

2.) Refrain from Random Sex - finding a “jump-off” or a void filler is nothing more than quick fix that doesn’t help you in the grand scheme of things. Furthermore, why pass the pain that you’re feeling on to someone else? Nobody wins. Take the time you need to heal, jumping into a fling immediately after a bre akup is not healthy and likely ends up being a waste of time.

3.) Switch It Up - Go through your house and rearrange your furniture, especially in the bedroom. Move your bed to another corner or switch up the entire layout of your living room! You can take it a step further and paint a room or two a different color. This helps refresh your attitude and enhances the desire to turn a new leaf!

4.) Do You - after a breakup it’s so easy to get lost in your sadness and let yourself go. Just because you no longer have a girlfriend don’t veg on the PS2, drink heavily and fail to get your line-up. Ladies, don’t let your nails and toes suffer and develop a habit of eating ice cream in the bed every night! Go to the barber! Go to the salon! Go get your mani/pedi! Hit the gym harder! Be better, not bitter!

5.) Surround Yourself with Love - there are people that love you regardless of your hardships. So don’t be too proud to reach out to them and let them know you need them. If it’s your siblings, other family members or your best friend you can never have enough support through your transition.

Hopefully these 5 things will help you start to heal!! :0)


  1. thosea are just the right things to do when you have a break up!

  2. The one thing that Bossip forgot is that TIME HEALS ALL THINGS!!! You will be okay in time, its hard and it sucks but in time you will be fantastic!

  3. Thanks soooo much kdr*S with prayer things have been getting better. Your so right time is definitely healing. I really appreciate the encouraging words

    Love Love Love you guys blog. I actually think I went to OC or should I say OU now lol

  4. Songbird, They've certainly helped!