Friday, May 13, 2011


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So, I was doing something I do often, THINKING

Thinking about my relationship and I had this amazing epiphany.
The say....“Love is a action word”....TRUE!, but to know what Love is and to be in a position to give Love (which is ultimately putting it into action) you REALLY have to surrender to all of your fears and any insecurities you may be holding on to, and give the other person permission to see who you organically are.

The more and more I think about it I realize how serious it is and it makes me wonder how many people really understand that; however it’s not easy to allow yourself to be so transparent and venerable, well at least not for me. Giving someone ALL of me and not knowing the outcome is scary. So question…. How do you let go in order to experience something that could be sooo amazing?

Exactly how do you “Love without fear? Trust without question. Need without demand. Want without restriction and Desire without inhibition?”
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