Monday, July 4, 2011

Essence,Fireworks & Birthday Cake

Not only was this 4th of July weekend, it was especially special because it was

My BIRTHDAY!!!! Yeap my birthday is July 4th and I turned 29 years old today.

I actually didn't have any plans for my birthday I decided that I just want to spend time catching up on some much needed R&R ,but to my surprise my sister-n-law, brother, and my nephews came in town and surprised me. They had a whole weekend filled with fun things for us to do, and not to mention it was Essence Festival here in New Orleans. They threw me a surprise party with ALL of my favorite things. Sorry I don't have any pictures I was having to much fun, but I did manage to snap a picture of the cake before everyone dug in(smile)

Today I woke up to over 50 Facebook Birthday messages, WoW! words can't describe how special I felt, So much happend in the year of 28. Let's see, I went Natural, I moved to New Orleans, I started school, I was in a relationship and learned so much from it,and I learned to trust God more. I'm so blessed and thankful for all the good and bad that happend in the Year of 28 and and if I had to do it all again, I wouldn't change anything. The good and the bad has made me a little bit better. I'm SO excited about my future and I'm looking forward to all the things that will come in the Year of 29!!!

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