Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentines Shmalentines

I was debating on whether I wanted to post this entry, but O, well here goes.
So it’s been 28 years and I’ve never had a valentine and honestly it never really bothered me until now. I really don’t want to be that girl that is bitter and dreading Valentine ’s Day, but I would be lying to you guys and to myself if I said I’m looking forward to it. Honestly I’m dreading it. I don’t know what it is that has me in this funk this year. Maybe because it’s reminding me that I’m getting older and I’ve never been able to share that special day with anyone. I’m not working so I have a lot of free time and it seems like my mind has been on overload with thinking and longing for a honest and genuine relationship. GOSH I don’t want to be that girl that life becomes consumed with wanting to be with someone and everything I say and do revolves around being with someone. It sucks being single. I’ve gotta find something to occupy my mind so that I don’t go into a depressed state. Last year I treated myself to $200 worth of things from Vicki Secret. Who knows what I'll do this year


  1. This year I'm feeling like blah in regard to Valentine day. The past 2 years I've spent it with someone's son (lol). Even if it was just a dinner. This year I want to go out with a group of chics and dress up and have a good time (not sure if that happens). I would love to be treated specially on Valentine day however it's more important that I meet someone that will treat me special on any given day. I hope that you find something to boost your spirits tomorrow!!!

  2. LOL @ "with someone's son" girl you are a trip. Yea getting a few of your home girls together to hang out should be cool. Maybe I'll catch a flight and hang out with ya'll (lol)Then I woke up from that dream. I totally agree it would be nice to have a Valentine,but it would be even better if I had someone who treated me special on any day of the week,and not just when society tells them they should. Thanks for reading my post and if ya'll go out tomorrow have a BLAST!!