Sunday, February 13, 2011

January Favorite Things

So those are a few things I'm obssessed with this month. The Silver candle holder I fell in love with when I saw it at Bath and Body Works (B&BW) and when your girl saw that it was only $5.00 I not only snatched 1 I got 2 Lol(the other one looks a little diffrent probably should have posted a pic) and If you've been in B&BW over the last few weeks then you know they put out their spring candles, and honestly I couldn't decided which one to choose because they all smell sooooo good, so I got Peach Billinie(sp ck) and Passion Flower and they smell A-Mazing!! ya'll they're a little expensive $20.00 per candle,but if you love candles like me then I would definitley recommend going and getting a few. Then I saw this really cute little turtle and when I opened it there was a candle inside that smells delicious so I had to get that,plus it makes a really cute conversation piece on my NEW bookshelf. Ya'll when I tell ya I've been wanting a bookshelf like this for awhile trust me I've been wanting one for a long time, but I never had enough money to get one,but praise be to God I finally was able to get one and I love it!!! I got it from Target it was $130.00,but trust me it well worth it. It's very sturdyand pretty easy to assemble. I hope you girls like some of my fav's for this month.

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