Monday, December 14, 2009


Life it self is sooo awesome,the good as well as the not so good;however, sometimes there comes a point in life where you have to make decisions. Sometimes it's easy and other times not so easy, but as we all know for every decision we make there is a consequence. The consequence could be either good or bad. In my opinion what makes certain decisions more difficult than others is when the consequence of your decision has a good and bad side, on top of the fact that it could hurt someone. So what do you do? Do you continue playing it safe and stay on the Easy road? or Do you take a risk step out on faith and take the Not so easy road and risk some things that presently makes you happy with no true knowledge that in the future it will remain that way? I have a tendency of giving up right when things seem to get a little complicated, afraid of fighting for what I want and afraid of losing, but I'm beginning to realize that if I continue to give up or assume something is not for me,because it's seems cloudy at the moment that I will NEVER receive what it is that God has for me,so I think on this scripture as away to remind myself that things may not be going the way I think they should right now, or I may not understand why things happen the way they do,but to remember to take each day one day at a time live each day as if it were my last and wait patiently for my reward and I encourage everyone reading this to do the same.
"The race is not given to the swift Nor the strong, but to he that endure until the end" ~Ecclesiastes 9:11~

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