Saturday, August 29, 2009

Laissez les bon temps rouler

Red beans and rice and Jambalaya, crawfish and beignets, king cake, Mardi Gras, Jazz Bands, and Street Cars all of these things and soo much more can only be found in one place. Today marks the fourth anniversary since Hurricane Katrina and it's unbelievable to me how some parts of New Orleans still look like Katrina just hit last night. I went home about a week ago to visit family, and as I drove through New Orleans I was in disbelief at how devastating New Orleans East still looks. Houses are still abandon, businesses have not reopened. The closest hospital is Uptown. The nearest Wal-Mart is on Tchoupitoulas. It's been FOUR YEARS ya'll and the east looks horrible. Will another four years go by with nothing being done? I hope not. I'm paying respect to those who lost their lives during that terrible time and I'm thanking God for sparing lives. To me New Orleans will always be home. The authentic spirit of New Orleans will live on, so raise your handkerchief and LAISSEZ LES BON TEMPS ROULER!!!


  1. Yeah Dee I know what you mean. Believe it or not there are still people in FEMA trailers down here in south Mobile county. They were on the news on the anniversary and I was in shock. Sometimes we don't realize how blessed we really are.

  2. For sure Keland. Everytime I go home and see how many parts of New Orleans and surronding areas are still devestated it makes my heart sad. Sometimes we(including myself) forget to be thankful for the small things that we often take for granted